2020 Building Fund

2020 Building Fund

$561,070 raised

This project is no longer accepting donations. Thank you for your support.

How You Can Help

Firstfruits Offering for 2017

If you'd like to give your first monthly paycheck of 2017 as a firstfruits offering, please select this item. We ask that you send it in by Feb. 15, 2017.

Firstfruits Offering for 2018

If you'd like to give your first monthly paycheck of 2018 as a firstfruits offering, please select this item. We ask that you send it in by Feb. 15, 2018.

One Time Donation

Donate a one time gift at any time in any amount.

Thousand Dollar Seed

Give to the building fund at the thousand dollar level (equivalent of 1,000,000 krw).

About This Project

2020 Fund
The goal of the 2020 Fund is to raise $7.5 million usd by February 15, 2018 so that New Philly can construct a central facility by the year 2020. This facility will serve as the epi-center from which New Philly will continue to raise up an army of mighty warriors and make strategic partnerships in the wider body of Christ. But this fundraiser represents more than just a building project, we envision the facility being used to build up the movements of prayer, missions, church renewal, creativity, church planting, and reunification we’re currently engaging in. Details of the 2020 Fund can be found on our web site.

Firstfruits Offering
A firstfruits offering is when we bring the first and best of what we receive from God and offer it in worship and thanksgiving to the Lord. As New Philly raises money for the building fund we ask you to consider setting apart your first month's paycheck as a firstfruits offering to God! This offering is only recommended for those who are able and can budget accordingly.

Fulfilling Your Offering (Korea only)
When wiring your money, please use the following bank account instead of the account that appears in the checkout process.
-----Bank: Shin Han (Seoul, Korea)
-----Account: 100-030-693457 (NP펀드2020)

Commitment to Integrity
In our commitment to transparency and integrity, the promise of the 2020 fund is that all money raised will go solely toward the following three purposes:
1. land and property acquisition costs (including taxes, fees, legal costs)
2. construction and renovation costs (inclusive of furnishings)
3. key money toward an interim space in Hongdae until the building is complete

Questions? Email: 2020fund@newphilly.cc

Recent Supporters

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Project Owner

New Philadelphia Church

New Philadelphia is a multi-site, multi-ethnic, Spirit-filled, non-denominational church with locations in Korea and Australia. The vision of the church is very simple: To raise up an army of mighty warriors. To learn more about the church and its core values, visit New Philly's web site.

  • Website http://facebook.com/newphilly
  • Address

    Mapo-gu, Seokyo-dong 407-7
    Art Building, 4th Floor
    South Korea

  • Phone +82-2-706-2501

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