Jinhee Park

Phnom Penh (Feb 2014)

Fundraising Completed

Shall God Hide From His People?

The Lord said, “Shall I hide from Abraham what I am about to do, seeing that Abraham shall surely become a great and mighty nation, and all the nations of the earth shall be blessed in him?” Genesis 18:17-18

Dear Faithful Supporter,

     Greetings! How does this note find you doing?

     While this snowy winter is rolling along in Korea, I’d like to share what will take place in the future not too far away. From February 2 to11th, I’ll be stationed in Cambodia! It is with my deepest honor to be trained up with an 11- member team from my church “New Philadelphia” (newphiladelphiachurch.com) to witness God in action in Cambodia.

     Years back, I had the opportunity to partner with an organization that supported the Cambodian community in the inner city of Boston. I worked with local pastors, youth, and adults from Cambodia via teaching English, musical instruments, sharing Bible stories and meals. Their smiles seemed genuine, as the hurts that could be witnessed in their eyes seemed just as real. I’d wondered how God could fully heal the individuals living with unimaginable trauma. This experience left me curious, while also wanting something greater from God for the Cambodian people. Who would have known that I would cross paths yet again with those beautiful individuals, but this time in actual Cambodia?

     My church and I believe in partnering with the local pastors of a nation. We believe in relationship and the common denominator of trust to continue to raise, build, and expand God’s Kingdom already at work. Since my life changed, in recent years, upon realizing my true identity by how God views me, I have full confidence that God will continue to move amongst Cambodia and His people. God can hardly wait to show and tell them. This mission is unique and the most challenging one for me yet, since much of the team’s involvement will be via the arts, especially, in the sector of dance. My teammates and I will be involved in a hip hop dance outreach. God’s impressed in our hearts to release His love for His people through, but not limited to, building relationship via visiting churches, evangelism training, youth revival services, all while devoting great amount of time presenting the gospel in visually revelatory methods that will bring healing to generations young and old. God’s commitment is greater.

     Would you consider partnering with me by sending me to Cambodia? I’d like to ask you to make this happen in tangible ways. Two ways you can partner are as follows: First, I’ll need to raise 1,000,000 won in KRW to cover various expenses. Second, as I have relearned the power of prayer in recent years, I’d like your prayer support during this time. (I’d felt supporters’ prayers hands on, while I was in the field during my first missions last year.) While on the field, my team will post up updates, notices, photos, testimonies of how God is moving, so you can follow His fingerprints. For financial partnership, please, follow the guidelines provided via this website, as it will take you step by step through the process. For prayer partnership, please visit www.facebook.com/newphilly, to receive specific updates and coverage.

   Thank YOU, for taking time to read and consider.


                                                                                                          Thrilled and expectant,

                                                                                                           Jinhee J. Park

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