Living Hope Intern Swap (Jun 2012)

Living Hope Intern Swap (Jun 2012)

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About This Project

New Philly is sending Pastor Myunghwa, Pastor David, and College Pastor Rona on an intern swap to Living Hope Christian Center this summer. They will be shadowing Pastors Benjamin and Sunhee Robinson, working with the Living Hope staff in Emeryville, and participating in urban missions to the city of Oakland, California.

We'd love to partner with you in prayer and finances as we bring the love of Christ to the streets of California, and further establish the partnership between New Philly and Living Hope!

Trip Dates: June 19 to July 6, 2012
Goal: 1.4m per person

* Please note that goals are estimates and are subject to change based on adjustments to ministry schedules or travel expenses.

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New Philadelphia Church

New Philadelphia is a multi-site, multi-ethnic, Spirit-filled, non-denominational church with locations in Korea and Australia. The vision of the church is very simple: To raise up an army of mighty warriors. To learn more about the church and its core values, visit New Philly's web site.

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