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Manila (Dec 2014)

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Delivering the Word in the Nations


This past year has been one of great challenges—I finished my seminary degree, took on leadership roles at New Philadelphia, started full-time support-raising position as staff, was sent out on different international ministry trips, among many other unexpected things… and it seems like the end of 2014 will be no different!  I’m writing to let you know that from December 27th until January 3rd, I will be sent to Manila, Philippines along with a team from New Philly.  I’ve been asked to fill the role of team preacher, meaning that I will be delivering the Word both in church settings, as well as in the slums—pretty exciting stuff!  What better way to spend the New Year than preaching out in the mission field?

Our church has been sending mission teams to Manila for the last few years, as we’ve been partnering with native pastors and building long-term relationships with them.  So it’s definitely an honor to go back and continue to build upon these kingdom relationships. 

I’d love to ask you for your prayers and your support.  As you may know, I’m not a very experienced preacher, and having to preach to people in different circumstances, sometimes for last-minute speaking opportunities, sometimes requiring translation and other times not, will be pretty challenging.  I need to be prepared and flexible at the same time, I need to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit for altar ministry and prayer times, and I must do all this with confidence and anointing.  In other words, please pray for me!  At the same time, I have to raise financial support to make this trip possible.  I have personally sown in as much as I am able, and would love to ask you to partner with me for the remaining 500,000KRW that I need to raise in the next four weeks—any amount is deeply appreciated. 

To financially support me (or my team), you can visit to make a donation—EFT, cash, and Paypal are accepted. 

If you’d like to pray on behalf of our team, I’d like to suggest a few prayer topics:

1.       Pray for Pastora Ukat and Pastor Ezekiel, who will be hosting our team.  We’ll be partnering with their ministries—both with their churches and also with different outreach efforts into the slums of Manila.

2.       Pray for the team as we prepare to go—we have eight members, myself included, one of which will be joining us from Sydney, Australia.  Pray for team unity and JOY as we minister together.   Also pray for protection as we go out, that no weapon forged against us would prosper as we pour out in ministry (Isaiah 54:17). 

3.       Pray for open doors as we go out into the mission field.  In the past, we’ve had numerous last-minute divine appointments for ministry and relationships come out of the blue, and we want to be alert and ready for whatever may come our way. 

Thank you for your prayers and support!


Susy Park

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