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Nepal (Dec 2016) Korea team

Fundraising Completed

Preaching Christ in Nepal

Dear Friend,

The last 2 years of full-time ministry have been a blur, and although I wasn’t able to make it out for mission season last year, I will finally be going this winter on the Nepal team!  A team of 13 people will be going from December 26th to the 31st, and I’m excited to serve as the team preacher for this 6-day trip to rural Nepal where we will partner with a couple of local ministers who have been pastoring and planting churches for several years. 

Two years ago I was honored to go to the Philippines as a team preacher, and I was floored when we saw the Holy Spirit ministering powerfully through the preaching of the Word and the laying on of hands—I’m excited for Him to completely outdo Himself this year!

Nepal currently is a nation that suffered great loss during an earthquake in April of 2015, losing around 9,000 lives and 600,000 homes. As one of the pastors said during our team’s visit last year, although the nation has experienced great loss, much of the long-term relief work has been in the hands of the small Christian community, and it is their desire to see a mighty spiritual earthquake in the nation in the wake of the natural disaster.  Discipling young believers, bringing the Gospel to places deemed too difficult to access (by travelling several hours by motorcycle), and planting local-led churches is painstaking work, but so crucial for the lives of many believers often neglected. Jesus sees these things done in hidden corners of the world for His sake as precious to Him, and they will be rewarded in due time. May they experience great fruitfulness!

I’d love to invite you to partner with me in two ways:

1.     We covet your prayer support!  All the testimonies of salvations, healing, and the building up of the global church is only possible through the supernatural power of prayer.  We will have day-by-day live updates from the field posted via Facebook to facilitate prayer, and your prayers would make all the difference for us!

2.     Secondly, I’d love to ask you to partner with us financially.   I need to raise 1,400,000 KRW (about 1,200 USD) within the next six weeks to cover airfare, lodging, and transportation while in Nepal.  As our team goes out, our desire is to be a blessing and not a burden to our local hosts, so we make it a priority to be completely funded as a team, which is only possible through supporters such as yourself.  If you’d like to partner with me financially for this ministry opportunity, it’s easy!  Visit our support website at, find our Nepal Team project, and pledge the amount you’re able to contribute, following the directions on the page.  Any amount is greatly appreciated!

Thank you for considering partnering in these ways! There is a day coming soon when “all the nations will remember and turn to the LORD, and all the families of the nations will worship before You,”(Ps 22:27), and until then, we will press on and contend for the Kingdom!


In Him,

Susy Park

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