Offering to New Philly

Offering to New Philly

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Give an offering to the house in any amount.

Thousand Dollar Seed

Thousand Dollar Seed

Sow in a thousand dollar seed today and see how the Lord multiplies your offering for the house and in your own life!

About This Project

New Philly has a commitment to be salt and light in the city! We believe the city shapes a nation's culture in regards to art, business, government, education, and media. And we believe making a dynamic impact to these areas is crucial to seeing the kingdom of God come to a nation.

The cost of doing ministry in a city can get quite high. As the Spirit leads, we want to encourage you to sow a financial seed into our church today. 

New Philly has a strong commitment to financial integrity and transparency. All our quarterly income and expenses can be found on our web site.

* approximately 1,100 krw = $1 usd

(Donations are tax-deductible only in Korea and, for PayPal donations, in the US.)

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Project Owner

New Philadelphia Church

New Philadelphia is a multi-site, multi-ethnic, Spirit-filled, non-denominational church with locations in Korea and Australia. The vision of the church is very simple: To raise up an army of mighty warriors. To learn more about the church and its core values, visit New Philly's web site.

  • Website
  • Address

    Mapo-su, Sinchon-ro 16 gil 24, 2nd Floor
    South Korea

  • Phone +82-2-706-2501

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